"I had nothing worth saying - you helped me find my voice."


Though each mentee's experience is his or her own, the archives below offer a glimpse into the journeys they have all had with their respective mentors. Each short video attests to the power of mentoring, the simple commitment to know and care for each other over time, and offers an overview of Save Our Youth's history and growth around Denver.

The humble origins of Save Our Youth in response to Denver's "Summer of Violence" in 1993.

Faces of Save Our Youth tell their stories of hope.

A mentee Jorge on his journey alongside mentor Chris.

One mentee shares the close bond he shares with his mentee.

The 20th Anniversary video looking at the power of mentoring in Denver for two decades.

Mentees and parents share the significance of mentoring in their families' lives.

Looking for more reasons to become a mentor? Hear what these mentors have to say about their experiences.