Where is the Need?

“I gave up on myself – you helped me believe again.”

75 kids in the Denver area need a mentor.

Miles for Mentoring

We're hitting the road July 21st - 28th to raise awareness and money for mentoring,
and we're inviting friends like you to support our Miles for Mentoring cycling campaign!

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Mentoring changes lives! Watch a short video about Save Our Youth.

Save Our Youth is a youth development organization providing at-risk youth with educational, emotional, and spiritual skills for success through long-term mentoring relationships.

  • SOY has served Denver’s urban at-risk youth since 1994.
  • 417 kids, ages 10-17, were served by SOY’s mentoring program in 2016.
  • SOY’s average mentoring match lasts 42 months (3.5 years) while the national average is 9 months.