"I was lost in the crowd - you found me."

Board of Directors


  • Carl Lansing, Board Chair

    Attorney, Carl F. Lansing, P.C.
  • Katherine Broome, Chair Vice President

    Associate General Counsel, Meritage Midstream
  • Jonathan Alfonseca

    General Manager, Thomas Garage
  • Jeffrey W. Barker

    CPA, Anton Collins Mitchell, LLP
  • Matt Duntsch

    Managing Director, Snap Technologies
  • Scott Flores

    President, Die-Cut Technologies
  • Kenneth L. Jackson

    CPA, CFP, Kenneth L. Jackson & Associates, PC
  • Sinahy Ruiz

    President, Ruiz LLC
  • Lindsey Sittko

    Human Services, Fast Enterprises
  • Adrielle Stanley

    African Community Center
  • Wayne Williamson

    Plexus Capital