March Newsletter

Read on for the March 2024 newsletter content

By the end of March, mentees be equipped to:

Develop a resume & cover letter

Weigh job options

Use helpful skills in an interview

Consider the Scholars Program

Action Steps

Whether you've had a job before or not, it's essential to learn the skills of job hunting, resume building, and interviewing to position yourself for the best chance to get the future job you want. Yes, review the entire newsletter, but feel free to prioritize sections that are most relevant to you.

Building a Resume

Resume & Cover Letter Basics

Resumes and cover letters are formal documents that a job applicant creates to show their qualifications for a job. The resume is your first impression and shows your work history, skills, and background. It also reveals more about your character and what you might be like if the company hired you.

Helpful Tools

Not sure where to get started? We’ve linked some helpful resources you can review together:

How to Build a Resume

How to Write a Cover Letter

Finding a Template & Fine Tuning

Even if you aren’t applying for jobs now, it is a great time to get a template going that you can simply update in the future. Here are tools you can take advantage of to help you get the perfect resume!

Mentors - How You Can Relate

Mentor, share your resume with your mentee! Talk about how you developed it, how it has changed over time, and what you have learned.

Job Hunting

Wondering how to find a job? There are many popular ways to look for employment. LinkedIn is one resource (you can create a profile or simply use the filters to search for jobs in your area. Other options include Indeed and Ziprecruiter.

Here’s the thing: online search sites don’t always provide information about local places that might be hiring. Those services might be too expensive for your favorite coffee shop or florist.

Consider printing out a few copies of your resume and dropping in to your favorite spots. You can also check out their websites to see if they are hiring or ask for an application.

As you consider your options, don’t forget the resource you have in your mentor. Ask them where they or their friends have searched for jobs.

Interviewing 101

Now that you’ve applied for a job with your awesome resume and cover letter, it’s time to prepare for an interview! It’s normal to be nervous, and there are ways to practice so you feel more at ease. We want you to go into that interview ready to showcase the amazing person you are!

You aren’t taking this step alone, though. Mentors and mentees may find an interview prep video helpful (click on other links that interest you!) Together, you can discuss how to prepare, what to wear, and how to respond to various interview questions.


Feeling like you don't belong, fit in, or "deserve" the opportunity you have?


Tips for your first day on the job


There are certain terms that may be new to you as you enter the workforce. This video will help!


Practicing for Your Interview

Practice interview questions together to prepare for your interview! Have your mentor ask you interview questions and answer like you are in the actual interview. Your Mentor should provide feedback on what you do well and how you can improve. Don’t be discouraged if it is hard at first. Practice really does help!

Introducing the Scholars Program

If you haven’t heard of it already, the Save Our Youth scholars program is a transition program for graduating mentees pursuing any type of post-secondary program (i.e. certificate, trade, two-year, four-year, etc.). We offer resources that help you complete your program of choice. It’s not required, but we do love if mentors stay connected and will provide continued support.

Who becomes our main contact? Angela Maher, our Education Manager, will be your main contact. She is building a wealth of knowledge and is a great resource. Angela will check in at least once per semester to see how things are going, celebrate with you, and help you overcome any obstacles you are facing.

What are the benefits? We provide our scholars with a new laptop if needed, up to $2,500 in scholarship per semester. Angela also provides assistance as you navigate difficult situations, finding resources & connections, goal setting, career planning, and FAFSA submissions.

What’s required? There are three main components to be aware of:

  1. If you don’t know Angela already, your Mentoring Specialist will set up a “transition” meeting for everyone sometime between May and August of this year. At the meeting, you will go over expectations, questions, and our first-time scholars form.
  2. Angela will ask you to share your financial aid package so you can review it along with your school login information so she can help insure you aren’t falling behind.
  3. Each semester you are in the Scholars Program, you will complete a “Continuing Scholars Form” and check in with Angela. Lack of communication will result in removal from the program.